What to do in Lan Ha Bay?

Monkey island resort

With the pure natural beauty which has not been exploited as much as other tourist areas, Lan Ha Bay is becoming a hot and attractive tourist destination for visitors in the hot summer days. The following is 6 great things that tourists should not miss when coming here.

Kayaking to explore Lan Ha Bay

What to do Lan Ha Bay? One of the activities that tourists cannot miss on the best Lan Ha Bay tour is kayaking through the mountains and caves with unique shapes such as Luon cave, Turtle islet, and Chuong islet. These shapes of mountains in the Lan Ha Bay make visitors imagine hundreds of interesting ideas such as a cloak, a bat or a turtle. Choosing kayak to explore Lan Ha Bay will bring new experiences that cruise ships cannot have. You will also admire the view of the colorful landscapes under the blue sea water and sparkling sunshine.


Climbing on rocky mountains

Beside kayaking through the mountains and caves, tourists who love adventure can climb the rocky mountains in Lan Ha Bay. There are a lot of rock climbing points on the islands of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba area such as Tiger beach, Moody beach, Pirate’s Belly, Fish cave, Tien Ong island, and But island. Among them, Tien Ong island has a small Lan Ha Bay cave. The rest are the cliffs with the large stalactites.

To climb the mountain on Lan Ha Bay, tourists should prepare for a good fitness and bring the important climbing equipment. It is very necessary for climbers to have a tour guide during your climb. With a Lan Ha bay climbing tour, tourists will be taught the techniques and necessary climbing equipment to ensure the safety of the tourists as well as reach the best experience.

Swimming in the beautiful beaches and diving

It can be said that the beaches in Lan Ha Bay are quite wild and untouched. The limestone mountains in the isolated bays are the attractions for tourists to play with the crystal blue sea water. In the heart of Lan Ha Bay, there are small sandy beaches scattered at the foot of the rock islands along the sea. Visitors will have one of the great feelings of summer such as lying on the white sand beach, under the green trees and enjoying the cool breeze. Under the blue sea water is colorful coral reefs from Sen Island to Cu Island and Monkey Island. This is really an ideal place for those who like to collect beautiful pictures of nature under water.

Van Boi beach in Lan Ha Bay

Enjoying the delicious seafood

Coming to each tourist destination, in addition to being able to admire the beauty of the mountains, the immense sea here, visitors are eager to enjoy the specialties of this land. Lan Ha Bay has a lot of fresh seafood such as sea crabs, lobster, sea snakes, geoducks and horseshoe crabs. Although there are many attractive and delicious seafood dishes, visitors should enjoy the dishes such as lobster with wine, grilled horseshoe crabs, grilled lobster with the egg sauce, salted roasted crab, etc.

Taking an overnight cruise ship

What to do Lan Ba Bay? Taking an overnight cruise is one of the most interesting things that you should try once when coming Lan Ha Bay. In addition to the schedule of visiting some famous places in Lan Ha Bay which is offered on every cruise, the experience of sleeping overnight on the cruise ship will be a memorable feeling. There are many yachts with the various price for visitors to choose such as La Pinta cruise, Lan Ha Legend Cruise, Cat Ba Prince Cruise or Cat Ba Prince Cruise with the best services and enthusiastic staff.

Among them, La Pinta Cruise offered 16 full-sized glass cabins with the view forward the ocean and is equipped with the modern and charming furniture which meet all the needs of tourists, even the most fastidious one. La Pinta cruise has also a bar, a restaurant, and a sundeck for travels to relax after a long day of exploring Lan Ha Bay.

Admiring the stunning sunset in La Pinta

Staying in the attractive resorts

When coming to Lan Ha Bay, visitors not only explore the beautiful islands around the bay with a wide variety of vegetation and the well-known tourist attractions, but visitors also experience a lot of water sports here such as sea bathing, scuba diving, and kayaking. Naturally, taking a rest is an indispensable thing after a long day of excursion. There are many resorts near Lan Ha Bay from the cheap to expensive price with the good facilities and full of equipment here which meet all the needs of tourists.  You can refer some resorts such as Little Cat Ba, Monkey Island Resort, Cat Ba Sunrise Resort and Catba Island Resort & Spa.

Monkey island resort

If you do not know where to go in the summer, let’s travel to Lan Ha Bay and experience the interesting  things here. Share this article if it is useful for you. Have a nice trip!


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